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NYC Water and Sewer Rate Increase


Today, the NYC Water Board met to consider the water and sewer rate for 2023-2024. The DEP is proposing a rate increase of 4.42%. The Water Board will conduct a series of public hearings in May, and announce their final decision at the end of the month. We at Ashokan anticipate that the final rate increase will be 4.4%, resulting in a rate of $11.64 per 100 cubic feet.

Let the games begin..

2 thoughts on “NYC Water and Sewer Rate Increase

  1. The rates are too high as they are now. More and more people can’t afford to live in NYC.
    Many thousands of people are moving out of NYC because of all the taxes.
    Parking meter fees are outrageous, NYC taxes, NYS taxes, water and sewer fees are out ravenous, tolls are outrageous. Im considering moving myself. The tax base is crumbling, the educational system is in free fall, the streets are not safe, Keep the water and sewer rates the same. If the rates rise, rents will have to rise too.

  2. All good except the last line should read FEET not FEE

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