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NYC Water and Sewer Rates Go Up by 4.9%


NYC is joining the rest of the country in promoting inflation.

On June 6th, the Water Board met to raise water rates by 4.9%, effective July 1st. This may surprise New Yorkers who have grown accustomed to minimal increases during the de Blasio administration.

The new rate will be $4.30 for water and $6.84 for sewer, for a total of $11.14.

We expect the 2023 increase to be even larger, spurred by high interest rates on the Water Board’s huge deb load.

June 6, 2022 Meeting Materialshttps://www1.nyc.gov/assets/nycwaterboard/downloads/pdf/public_notices/wb-meeting-materials-6-6-22.pdf

3 thoughts on “NYC Water and Sewer Rates Go Up by 4.9%

  1. While homeowners pay oppressive water and other utility bills, homeless
    shelter residents leave the showers on all the time to steam away their drug
    smoke. And most apartment dwellers who don’t pay utilities leave water, HVAC and power on all day because they don[t need to worry about bills.

    • If one pays for usage then you are careful to conserve. If you are not paying, you don’t care. It’s insane how my water bill has gone up. It caught me by surprise as I’m sure it had to many others. The waste water change is double the water. We have got to let our elected officials know that we, the middle class are being driven out of NYC & NYS by the high cost of living here.

  2. I check my usage everyday so as to quickly detect leaks or toilets running. It seems that the rate doubled over night. I know how my numbers run and it seemed to that each mark on the graph was 20 cents not it’s over 50 cents but the bar showing the usage is the same. Am I crazy? Did the rate change or are they now combining sewer and water on the same reading? Has anyone else noticed this? Huh?

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