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The Water Board’s Not-So-Public Notice


On September 29th, the Water Board released a public notice regarding the extension of frontage. Any recent visit to the Water Board website and you’re bound to find this public notice, right? Wrong!

This new public notice is secreted away with nearly a dozen other obscure public notices. The is no indication on the site’s homepage that there is a new public notice to be viewed; they just took a controversial issue like extending frontage and did what they could to pass it below the radar without notifying people that it’s happening or what they can do to protest it.

The internet should be used to share information. The Water Board didn’t even have a website until less than a year ago, opting instead to keep all their goings-on a secret. We thought that their new website would be a great way to finally inform the public about the operations of a city entity that had previously been shrouded in secrecy. But if the Water Board isn’t using their website to share information and inform the public, what is it for?

Author: Hershel

Hershel is a Water Management Engineer with Ashokan Water Services, where he's actively involved with conservation and building design issues. Prior to his Ashokan, he was a Mechanical Engineer with the City of New York. He is a former President of the New York chapter of the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) and is a member of BOMA, IREM and NYARM. Hershel is an avid kayaker.

3 thoughts on “The Water Board’s Not-So-Public Notice

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