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William Kusterbeck No Longer Water Board Treasurer

As of late last week (UPDATE 9/9/09: effective the afternoon of Thursday, September 3), William Kusterbeck is longer the New York City Water Board Treasurer. Details surrounding his departure are, as of now, unknown. We will keep you posted as the story develops.

Mr. Kusterbeck has been treasurer since 1985 and worked for the DEP for six years before that. His positions in the DEP have included Director of Rates and Revenue and Director of the Office of Planning.

Regardless of the details surrounding his departure, we at WaterWatchNYC wish to commend Mr. Kusterbeck for his 30 years of service to our city. He oversaw cash-strapped budgets during droughts and worked hard to reel in the out of control spending of recent years. His dedication to serving the public will be sorely missed.