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Mayor’s water bill subsidy rewards the rich, failing to create equity


Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Upper East Side Townhouse, eligible for $183 bill credit


In December of 2017, Mayor Bill de Blasio said, “This New Year we can celebrate another critical step towards building a more fair and equitable city.”  He is referencing the NY Court of Appeals decision allowing 664,000 homeowners throughout the five boroughs to receive a $183 credit towards their water bills.  The problem?  The only eligible bill payers are owners of one to three family homes, many of whom are wealthy.  They are being unnecessarily rewarded, while low income co-op and condo owners reap absolutely no benefits.  Our supposedly liberal mayor is effectively having low income residents subsidize the luxurious private homes of the wealthy.  If this water bill credit was truly meant to build a more fair and equitable city, all NYC residents, specifically those in need financially, would receive water bill credits.